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I'm Ritika, a Product + Marketing strategist and Advisor working in the tech industry, and previously I’ve built 2 startups with one exit.

The newsletter in a few bullet points:

  • Building and running a startup as a non-tech founder, building a team, raising funds, failing and building again - my personal experiences.

  • What strategies do companies (like TikTok, OpenSea, etc.) use to acquire, retain, grow and engage users?

  • Trends & how it’s changing the way we use the internet & human psychology.

  • $2 million were about to be wired & the next day the deal got cancelled. 4 years after the company is generating $45 million dollars a year with 20,000+ customers” and sometimes stories like these from my founder friends.

This newsletter is written for founders (and aspiring ones) including everything I've learned in the process of building & failing startup. It's not about the CEOs but those founders who want to take their idea from 0 to space. My goal is to build a community where they can find support & acknowledgement.

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