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I'm Ritika, a founder, full-time product person, advisor and currently making angel investments. I work with Tech startups, more specifically, in the B2B/B2C SaaS industry.

Started my venture when I was 17 by building and running a marketing business. Grew it with pre-seed startups within 3 years before making a successful exit in 2018. Since 2018, I’ve built 2 SaaS products and currently, I do product advising to bootstrap founders with potential small investments and serve as a CMO at a career tech startup.

In my spare time, I write about diversity, startups and products, along with sharing my experience (here & on Medium); and helping founders with mentoring/product advice and investment (the opportunity I ended up on unexpectedly).

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This newsletter is written for founders (and aspiring ones) including everything I've learned in the process of building & failing startups. It's not about the CEOs but those founders who want to take their idea from 0 to space. My goal is to build a community where they can find support & acknowledgement.

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