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I'm Ritika, Product Marketer and SaaS founder working with tech early-stage to unicorn startups.

This newsletter in a few bullet points:

  • Product Marketing: Product positioning & messaging, understanding customers & their Job-to-be-done, how to communicate in the market and what go-to-market activities to carry out & where.

  • How a tech founder tries to acquire customers and expand the product by offering multiple solutions within a product but is frustrated by competitors and not knowing what actually works.

  • Building and running a startup as a non-tech founder, building a team, raising funds, failing and building again - my personal experiences.

  • Trends & how it’s changing the way companies do marketing & human psychology.

  • $2 million were about to be wired & the next day the deal got cancelled. 4 years after the company is generating $45 million dollars a year with 20,000+ customers” and sometimes stories like these from my founder friends.

This newsletter is written for everyone from product builders, marketers, founders, investors and it includes everything I've learned in the process of building & failing startup and working with startups as a product marketer. My goal is to build a community where they can find support & acknowledgement.


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Ritika Mehta

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