Issue 17 🪜: How to consider building features based on feedback + Adding new features is not going to make the product better.
A product strategy isn’t a five-year plan with a list of features to add in the product.
Issue 16 🪜: If I do product strategy for you this is how I would build your product + consider customers at every level of strategic planning.
Issue 15 🪜: At early stage startup, (non)marketing lovers need to play more with simple marketing psychology to win customers & build a strong brand…
In this meme culture, how brands & individuals are elevating it as a powerful marketing strategy - with Dagobert Renouf
We never give up when we lose a game, only focus on winning it, & try different things until we have another win 🏆.
Issue 14 🪜:Breakdown the minimal scope of the idea/vision with core functionality to address the niche-based audience.
Starting from hiring & working with tech people to growth and generating revenue, marketing and building culture.
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